Finca for sale !

Due to changes to my business plans, I´ve chosen to raise my goats elsewhere. Therefore I am forced to sell my idyllic finca.

finca lavieja
Finca LaVieja: click here


La Vieja (old woman) is a bio-Finca (farm) in Sierra de Gata, in the province of Extremadura. The Finca is led by Sikko Boonstra with help of Wilma Yntema. Sikko is a former teacher cattle breeding to the AOC in Groningen. After the fall of the Berlin wall, he moved to Germany, he was owner of organic cheese shops and sold in markets in Berlin. Wilma was owner of a coffee and tea shop in Zwolle, Holland.


Formerly in this area ran almost 14,000 goats. Therefor it was the optimum use of natural cycle: the goats could eat enough and kept the forest accessible. The food was diverse and organically, so the quality of the milk and the cheese was optimal. Also the olive trees were fertilized in a natural way (with goat droppings), so that the quality of the olives and then the olive oil also is optimal.

Our ambition is to restore this natural cycle somewhat, to make cheese and olive oil.

We think it is important, taking advantage of what is present in nature. The water comes from the brook on the terrain. The toilet is a compost toilet. The energy comes from the sun, through the solar panels. And because it is such a wooded area, there is an abundance of wood; the wood-burning stove heats the House. There are a vegetable garden and fruittreas. We want to share this place with people who enjoy the peace and simplicity.

burras Hinke y Grietsje, para limpiar Leon, el mastin para guardar Derk Anniek Sissy gallinas y gallo

In 2015 we built the Majada (a traditional goat stable). The building material of this stable is natural stone, beams of chestnut-wood and roof tiles that are called monks and nuns.

The premises must be cleaned and prepared for the goats (including is a good fence needed). In addition, the cheese dairy with cheese cellar is under construction in El Payo.

Currently there is a lot of work. every year for 3 weeks in November/December the olives are picked. We are looking for young people who want to work, at cost, & living. There must be sawn wood and cleaved. In the future there should be milked in winter, herded and cheese made.


Queseria La Payenga